The Shower Project 2017

The Shower Project 2017

Your donations can help us build new Shower Facilities at our Resource Centre for those who are homeless, roofless and struggling to make ends meet. Together we can make a difference.

Why we need your service

Being homeless isn’t a choice all people can make. Some through the hardships of life battle with having to live ‘under the stars’. Sounds almost inviting but the facts are… It can be freezing, dangerous or safer than the situation they were in. Lonely. Frightening. Just a few of the words we have heard over and over again by those who are roofless. We provide a shower, change of clothes, hot food, somebody to talk to and if they want us too, try and find a bed for the night.

Plan and expected results

In the past year alone we have helped over 2,000 people, each receiving items they are in need of; furniture, clothing, food, toiletries and cleaning products. Amongst these figures are ‘Emergency Walk Ins’, these are people who are ‘roofless’, hungry and struggling. Your donation will help us improve the support they receive when they walk through our doors, desperate for help.

All you have to do is donate through LocalGiving. You can also make your donation go further with Gift Aid. For every £20 you give us, we get an extra £5.00 from HMRC, at no extra cost to you! Donate today and help us make a difference.

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